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Saved by the Bell: Classroom Audio Over IP, Part 2

SVC Podcast Show 10, Part 2

To hear the podcast, press the play button or download here. Or read the transcription.
In part one of this podcast (listen to part one), SVC contributing editor Bennett Liles wraps up his talk with Jerry Boyd, the IT manager and a classroom instructor at Calvary Baptist School and Church in Conroe, Texas. Boyd provides details on his selection of the BellCommander scheduling software from AcroVista and the configuration of amplifiers and speakers in classrooms and outdoor locations around the campus. He also discusses his training of school staff in the operation of the system for announcements, class schedule signaling, and fire drills. Useful links:
• The Barix Annucicom 1000 which forms the heart of the new audio system
• The Barix Exstreamer 100 IP devices used on the receiving end
• The BellCommander scheduling software from AcroVista
• The Calvary Baptist Church and School installation story from Barix

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